to write an arrau to a table

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Hi at all

I have a javascript array to pass to PHP:


I transform it into a string

var string="1,Elisabeth,London;2,Antony,Paris;3,Augusto,Rome;4,Tom,Miami"

I separated any old array with a ";" and any element of a singhe array with  

Now I pass to php the string throught a form as an hidden field.

In this case the old array had 4 arrays into each with 3 elements but can  
have more array into any with 3 elements (id,name,city)

Now I must save any array into a mysql table having 3 fields therefore in  
this case I'll write 3 new records

My PHP Version is 4.4.7.

How can I do please?

Thank you very mich


Re: to write an arrau to a table

Stop & Go wrote:

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And the format of the JS-Array never changes? so you can do it.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

- explode the string by ';' separator
- iterate the resulting array
- explode each element of this by ','
- write data into your table

where is the problem?

First you have to learn some PHP-Basics.

So long, Ulf

  _(_p>   Ulf [Kado] Kadner

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