to learn php

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do you have to know html well and some programming like java or c... or can
you start php only and how if thats possible...

Re: to learn php

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There's a ton of PHP tutorials out there on the net. Most of them are
about creating webpages with PHP. You don't need any knowledge of Java
or C even though it helps. You will probably have to get to understand
HTML if you want to make heads and tails of the PHP tutorials.

- Jacob Atzen

Re: to learn php

It's generally a good idea to know XHTML and CSS -- it will make it
tons easier. If you know java, or c/c++, it will be easier but not
necessarily. The first "programming" language I learned was php --
although I did do a bit of Liberty BASIC work before that.

I always find downloading scripts and taking them apart to be useful --
that's how I learn a lot -- and tutorials are great. has an enormous index of php tutorials that are
amazingly useful.

Re: to learn php

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if you already know html *and* some java and c, maybe just downloading the
PHP Reference from and reading the first three chapters (you
could maybe skip the one about installation if you're not planning to do the
webhosting yourself) will do the trick. PHP may be a tad ugly, but it sure
isn't very complex. (or different from c/java/etc)


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