Tip for generating passwords/serial numbers

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The recent thread in generating PINs reminded me:

Suppose I want to give someone a random password or ID then this is what  
I do:
(1) Generate a hash, eg. MD5 form something, possibly a random number.  
This gives a string in hex.
(2) Truncate it to the required number of characters

(3) Substitute the characters 0,1,5,8,B,C with eg h,k,p,r,t,w,x,y.
eg "AB15708" might become "AKTX7YH"

THE REASON is that O/0 1/l 5/S 8/B c/C can be mis-read.  (Also M and N  
are not suitable substitutes as if they are read over the phone are  
easily confused. )

Personally for 1-off numbers I prefer to have a longer string and use  
all upper case but for passwords use mixed case and shorter string to  
encourage users to mix their case when they pick their own.

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Re: Tip for generating passwords/serial numbers

*** Peter Fox wrote/escribió (Tue, 2 Aug 2005 09:54:31 +0100):
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It's a very complicate algorithm to just produce a password that will only
use 16 different characters, isn't it?

http://es.php.net/mt_rand (check the user notes for examples)

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Re: Tip for generating passwords/serial numbers

Peter Fox contained the following:

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hmm, not very memorable though.

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