Tip for crash course litterature to teach PHP basics to someone new to programming.

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Hey all :)

I'm a web developer myself, and have created a simple templating system for
a project that one of our web designers (HTML/CSS experienced, very little
JS experience) is to use.

The template system uses some very basic PHP syntax, like if then else,
object dereferencing, echoing, traversing arrays, that's basically it.

This designer doesn't need to know anything really about objects,
hierarchies, design patterns, inheritance, whatever, he just needs to be
able to understand and utilize very basic language semantics and constructs
like the if then else construct, what happens when you call a function,
stuff like that.

I'm trying to find some kind of crash course literature (preferably online
so we don't have to wait for a book to arrive) that is aimed at, or at
least useful in, this type of situation.

So, I'm asking you for advice :) Do any of you have something in mind that
might be useful?

Thanks in advance,

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