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Hi all!

I have a PHP script, which in extreme cases take more than one hour to
load. That is on the HTML side, where the browser by some reason might
cut off, before the PHP has finished.

The point is that I can see that the PHP does what it should right
until the end, while the client side says the page could not be found.

I should mention, that a large amount of information is sent to the
client including an <iframe> with a reloading status message. But after
one hour without </html> the browser (IE) goes on to "the page cannot
be found".

How do I overcome this?


Re: Timeout in HTML

Sonnich wrote:
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See set_time_limit and ini_set functions. The "ini_set" can be used to  
set the "max_execution_time" parameter value, the same thing as with  

Mladen Gogala

Re: Timeout in HTML

Sonnich wrote:

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Make it go faster, or find some notification mechanism to tell users
when a pre-cached version is available, so that tehy can load it
quickly. There's no point in taking this long over a HTTP transaction,
it's likely to get abandoned by timeout at almost any point of the
process, including firewalls and proxies.

Re: Timeout in HTML

You should look at the following:


Tells PHP to keep going even if the browser disconnects.  Use this with
care!  Bear in mind that a frustrated user hitting refresh 10 times in
quick succession will end up causing 10 parallel processes to start up!


Re: Timeout in HTML

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What do you want to overcome?  You have no control over how long the
browser will wait for an answer.  It has the right to decide its own
timeout, and give up at any time.

If you really have an operation that will take an hour, you need to use
some kind of periodic "refresh" scheme to have the far end keep checking
for the job to be finished.
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