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I have a PHP script which queries much of a large database.
Usually, it takes a minute (depending on the extent of the query).
However, it seems like sometimes the data is chopped off.

Is there a setting is PHP or Apache or MySQL where I can set the
timeout interval?


Re: Timeout Error

There's a setting in php.ini to control timeout of PHP Scripts:
max_execution_time value is defined in the php.ini. You can change this
value to allow PHP scripts to run for a longer time.
max_execution_time is the amount of time in seconds that a PHP script
will be allowed to run.

Re: Timeout Error

bigoxygen@gmail.com wrote in news:1113004845.916258.99490

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Depending on how PHP is setup on your server, you may be able to get
around this problem by putting one line of code at the top of your




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