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My Web application contains a csv export function.  This function
exports a lot of data, and it should take up to 2 minutes.
However, I think the "loading time limit" is 30 seconds or so.  Does
anyone know how I can change this?

Re: Time Out Error

On 16 Mar 2005 13:49:51 -0800, bigoxygen@gmail.com wrote:

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 http://uk2.php.net/manual-lookup.php?pattern=time +limit

<http://www.andyhsoftware.co.uk/space Space: disk usage analysis tool

[FAQ] Time Out Error

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Q. How do I run a time consuming PHP script?
A. Two types of time-outs can occur during the execution of a PHP script:
the server terminates the script because it is taking too long to finish, or
the client terminates the connection while waiting for a response. You can
avoid the first by setting a different time limit through
set_time_limit()--server configuration permitting. The second type of
time-outs are much harder to avoid because you have no control over the
client. Typically a browser waits 30 seconds to a minute for data to arrive.
If your script does not output anything within that time frame, the
connection will be teriminated. An end-user might also terminate a
connection manually if the script seems unresponsive.

There is no good solution to this second problem. Your script must output
something to keep the connection active.

Re: [FAQ] Time Out Error

Chung Leong wrote:

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Or launch it as a background process and notify the client by some other
means, such as email.

Kenneth Downs
Secure Data Software, Inc.

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