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I have a MySQL table with two timestamp fields, in MySQL's
default format, e.g.  2008-02-28 10:33:51

How can I then compare the two in order to get the elapsed time
between the two values? Does php (or MySQL) have any convenience
functions to do that? Or do I have to start with strptime() and
work it out from there?

Thanks again to everybody for all the replies.

Re: time elapsed

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TIMEDIFF(), possibly combined with TIME_TO_SEC()
Rik Wasmus

Re: time elapsed

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In fact the format 2008-02-28 10:33:51 is not how MySQL stores
timestamps. That is just one format that it can use to display it.


You'll find a good source of answers in the manual:

Re: time elapsed

Captain Paralytic wrote:

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wonderful, thanks to both of you.

I've written a query to get the mean and the std deviation:

AVG(TIMEDIFF(main.time_stamp, request.time_stamp))
AS average_time,
STDDEV_POP(TIMEDIFF(main.time_stamp, request.time_stamp))
AS std_dev
FROM main, request
WHERE main.ID = request.ID

Does anybody know of anything else in php or MySQL that is easily
available to toss in (for data interpretation)?

Re: time elapsed

Jerry wrote:

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that contains a mistake: using SEC_TO_TIME

the output of AVG is in time but without colons, E.g., 1 minute
38 seconds comes out as 138 (not as 1:38)

So SEC_TO_TIME(value) should be replaced with TIME(value)

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