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Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a fully developed  
Customer Trouble Ticketing system written in PHP/MySQL.

The only caveat is that i would like it to easily snap in to our existing  
infrastructure (& preferrably look n feel). At the very least, the system  
should be able to draw from our user table & authentication (via sessions)  
we are already using.

Anyone have any ideas or be able point me in the right direction? I've done  
a bunch of digging, but i thought this could save me some research time.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Ticket System

AirYT wrote:
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I would say not.  Each one pretty much has its own look and feel, as  
well as its own authentication.

When I've needed to have something similar I've just written one from  
scratch.  It's not that difficult - and a heck of a lot easier than  
trying to understand the code of an off-the-shelf solution and modify it.

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Re: Ticket System

I built a ticket tracking system like you're describing for use in the
I.T. department I work in. It's light weight, but does exactly what I
need it to. It works great for our department. However, integrating it
with another system might pose a slight problem, but not impossible.
Changing the look would be fairly easy.

I'm assuming you're a PHP developer (since you're here), and if so, I
recommend looking into CakePHP. It's an awesome MVC (model-view-
controller) framework that's similar to Ruby on Rails, but for PHP. I
used to develop the help desk software.


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