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I'm shopping around for php based forum/bulletin board software.
PhpBB is (obviously) popular. But I don't like the linear way its
topic threads
are presented.

In the old days, the earliest forums were files based.  File-naming
could be used so threads could be presented as indented, hierarchical
post lists,
where it was visually obvious that post number 5 was a direct response
post number 3, etc. In all the mysql-based forums I've seen so far
each thread is presented as a linear line of responses to a head topic
where the individual response-to-which-response hierarchy is lost.

Perhaps this has something to do the difficulty sql has in modeling
structures.  Regardless, are there any php/mysql based forums out
there, that start off
by presenting a topic list, *BUT WHERE*  individual thread histories
are presented
as an indented hierarchy?  Maybe I'm just blind. I've looked at
several and haven't found
it yet.

Re: Threaded (subject indented) php forums?

salmobytes wrote:
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None that I know of.

It's not hard to do hierarchal structures in MySQL.  Maybe it's just  
historical reasons - the original BBS's weren't hierarchal, so people  
aren't building them that way now.  But I really don't know.

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Re: Threaded (subject indented) php forums?

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:18:18 +0100, salmobytes  

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I'm not aware of any packages that do this out of the box, howeve, I've  
seen comment's which do. So maybe widen your search to check wether you  
can alter a comments script which does thread to become a forum.

Technically, it's not that difficult, unless you want to be able to delete  
intermediate posts. Just have a table messages (I would choose the  
adjacency model, nested sets are not suited for fast/frequent alterations):
id    message        parent-id
1    foo        NULL
2    bar        1
3    foz        1
4    baz        NULL
5    fox        2
6    bax        5
7    foy        3
8    bay        3

Resulting in:

The main difficulty is displaying: if you want fully 'expanded' thread,  
you can't escape a resursive function or procedure (either in the script  
or at the database side). If you choose to show only a certain level of  
threads, a bunch of self joins as needed are enough.
Rik Wasmus

Re: Threaded (subject indented) php forums?

salmobytes wrote:
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Well, it is not difficult to create a threaded view.
I wrote a few discussionfora in the past that do this, but they were
written in JAVA, not PHP.
It also offered the option to 'link' your response to multiple other
It boils down to storing parentid of a response, like Rik explained,
using recursive logic. (I sidestepped the real recursive logic by using
an alternative algoritm, but that was because I was having trouble with
the multiple parents.)
If you are going to write your own threaded forum that uses multiple
parent, I will gladly share my experience with you if needed.

Erwin Moller

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