Thoughts on font-size control

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I have been researching some different techniques to controll font size
on a webpage and offer users a way to easily manipulate the font and
was curious as to what methods others were using/had used in the past
for this sort of thing.

I have been using static point font sizes on a stylesheet.  With a
script that swaps out the stylesheet for one with larger point sizes
upon clicking a button.  I chose this technique out of all the others I
have seen because it seemed to offer the most compatability with
slightly out of date browers etc.  However the built in font controll
from IE, Firefox etc. still wreaks havoc on my sites layout.

I am worried about using em's as I just dont see how to make that work
in conjunction with images that are far less plyable than the text and
other design elements.

So, is there any way to supress the view>textsize?  Has anyone had
success with em's?  Or does anyone have an interesting way to tackle
this problem?

Re: Thoughts on font-size control

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Accessibility is the new in-thing, so you won't find much support in the  
community for fixed-size fonts.  EMs are the way to go :)  You have to bear  
in mind if someone wants massive fonts, they're not going to mind if the  
massive fonts disrupt the layout of the page.  Indeed, it's quite trivial to  
adapt a website to be "stretchy" to the point where any size of font will  
not cause massive page-breakdown.

Swapping out CSS files sounds like a great way to do it, as you can change  
one reference to font size, and that's job done.  

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