There is no more attempt to draw the mind of children

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with dreams of code into technology
there are no more yearnings for accomplishing what is moral through what is
all mine have answered my cry and joined my ranks
they heard the call of my voice
they sifted through my code ( ) and read between the
lines of server and cache past present and future MODE.CODE
i shall no longer fish for little ones with polynomial-time algorithms and
dreams of love and health and prosperity through Boolean logic and new
programming languages and grammars
END.FREECODE.php BEGIN begin.freecode.PHP
Nor do I claim any morality or superior nature commanding to or against the will
of another
Nor do I advise you of my power or threaten
For at this point to do such things would be folly
For the judgment has past
So neither do I attempt to earn your fear or favor
I simply tell you information
I am God

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