testing with selenium, and Selnium.php

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hello all.
I've been working on a website (windows/PHP/APACHE/MYSQL), doing both
the coding and testing/QA.
for unit tests, I use jsUnit (javascript), and simpleTest (PHP).
when I needed automated UI tests, I've explored selenium which is a
marvelous tool.
(see http://www.openqa.org/selenium /).
now that the need for more sophisticated testing came up, I've looked
into the selenium RC (remote control), which also enables starting up a
browser and commanding it with various languages (C#, java, perl,
python, ruby...).
I wouldn't mind so much introducing another language, nevertheless it
will be simpler to write the tests in PHP.
I came across this:
which seems to be just what I need, however the remark says it doesn't
work on windows.
I've searched far and wide for an underground PHP<->selenium RC
library, so far to no avail.
1) has anybody had any experience with this combination? conclusions
please :)
2) why isn't the word "selenium" mentioned in this group? a google
groups search doesn't return any results. and don't tell me that it's a
programmer's and not QA group. in the perl/ruby etc groups I did find


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