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I'm a total newbie to php and MySQL and have started playing around
with the intention of learning.

I'm using Dreamweaver MX which allows the setting up of a test server
to preview PHP pages within Dreamweaver (it uploads and runs a temp.

I've been tinkering away for a while and slowly learning a trick or
two, without problems but then (as I suspect a few fledgling
programmers do)  I ended up with the unending loop, Dreamweaver seemed
to be passing a lot of data between itself and the webserver and I had
to quit Dreamweaver to stop this continuing.

Now I'm left thinking whether testing my own dodgy php/mysql code on a
shared, paid for commercial webserver is a good idea. Am I likely to
get angry letters (or disconnected) from our hosts; can rogue php/
mysql code slow/bring down a server or does PHP have some  protection
built in. What happens to never ending code?

It's very handy having the testing server and access to our website's
MySQL databases to hand but would a local Apache/PHP/MySql setup be

Re: Test PHP on a shared webserver

Hi PJay!

PHP itself has a timeout. So when your code needs more than for example
30 seconds (default value), it stops.

Also it is better zu use XAMPP, LAMP (Linux only), MAMP (Mac only), WAMP
(Windows only).

check this out: http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html


Re: Test PHP on a shared webserver

Thanks for the help.

I may investigate a local setup although running it on the webserver
still feels the simplest option. It sound like, from what you're
saying, that I'm unlikely to do major damage or slow things up
significantly testing on the webserver.

Re: Test PHP on a shared webserver

Benjamin Falk wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

does that also govern phpMyAdmin when exporting a db in a file
download to me? or does that typically have a separate value?

as an alternative, I've got a shell script to mysqldump to a file
on the server. I figure I can ftp it to me from there. Is there
any drawback to that? Thanks.

Re: Test PHP on a shared webserver

Hm... I don't really know, but I think it has. But maybe I saw something
to disable that. (in phpMyAdmin itself)
It's only set_time_limit <http://php.net/set_time_limit

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