temporary store values?

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I want to simplify the following code.

I have 4 variables which are to be read in up to ten times. When read in  
these are to be written to an SQL database. The value of $ct tells me when  
to stop reading in these 4 variables. Each time I read in the group of 4  
variables I need to increase $fx by 1 and read in additional values for each  
group of variables again until $fx is equal to $ct.

I intend to use a while loop and read in these postings of four variables  
until my requirement is met. Do I have to open the SQL database and write in  
the four values for each passing of the loop? Or is there a way of storing  
the values and writing in everything at the same time.

This is the code so far...



$fx = 1;

(I would like to "while" loop here until $fx=$ct, but don't see how I can  
get the values into variables to be written to the database. As for each  
passing of the loop new values will be assigned to each variable)

mysql_connect("localhost", "myusername", "mypassword") or
mysql_select_db("my_database") or die(mysql_error());
mysql_query("INSERT INTO `animals` VALUES ('$insql1', '$insql2', '$insql3',
Header("Location: http://www.mydomain.com /");

(I can "while" loop here until $fx=$ct, but that means opening the database  
for writing several times)


Any help greatly appreciated.

Garry Jones

Re: temporary store values?

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You only need to open the connection once, it stays open until page is  
finished or it is closed. So just open the connection before entering the  
while loop, and inside the loop run the mysql_query() statements.

in pseudocode:

connect server
select database

loop until condition
    get parameters
    create query
    execute query
end loop

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