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Hi all!
I'm progammer from Moscow, so sorry for my english.

I wrote a template class, which has 2 advanced options
1) Cash to mysql (it collects all tpl files, grabs them into one, and
pushes into db)
2) Cash to variable in file (collects all tpl files. creates in same
dir php file, creates function which returns array with full tpl data)

I thought, that the second pt. will decrease the exection time...
but.. as appeared - it's the longest one.Template file browsing (like
overwhelming majority template classes do - opening file, parsing..
next...) is the most quickest. I thought that using array solution
will be.

For example we have 20 files, and php must open each of them and
parse. What is the php load?

Question: What is the best solution? Or maybe i do smth wrong. Don't
know. Wanna write the most quickest script.


Re: template sctipt execution time

Nchanged wrote:
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Other than the fact I think you mean "cache" instead of "cash", I find
your English very good - much better than my Russian :-)

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The arrays can take a lot of space.  That can cause performance problems
unless you have a lot of RAM available on your server.

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It depends many different things.  First is whether a file is in the
system cache or not.  Once it's loaded, it depends on the size and
complexity of the file.  There are no general answers - every one is
specific to the file.

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Templates, due to their nature, always take longer to process than
straight PHP files.  You can write the quickest pages in assembler - but
that's not generally feasible.  Non-template PHP scripts are pretty
good.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't use templates - they are
quite useful.

You need to find out where the delays are before you can determine how
to fix them.  And if you can't optimize them any more (reasonably), then
you probably need a more powerful (faster CPU and/or disk, more RAM,
etc.) server.

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