T_STRING error with pack function

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I'm getting the T_STRING error ("Parse error: syntax error, unexpected
T_STRING in alexa5.php on line 26") when using the pack function:

function calculate_RFC2104HMAC ($data, $key) {
    return base64_encode (
        pack ( "H*" , sha1((str_pad($key, 64 , chr ( 0 x00))
         ( str_repeat ( chr ( 0 x5c), 64 ))) .
        pack ( "H*" , sha1((str_pad($key, 64 , chr ( 0 x00))
         ( str_repeat ( chr ( 0 x36), 64 ))) . $data))))



"Line 26" refers to line 3 above: "pack ("H....."

I have no experience with pack, but the pack manual doesn't give me any
clues as to the problem. I've commented out the pack stuff and replaced
it with a print command to ensure it was this and not the previous line
that is causing the problem.

I've been working on this for several hours and have asked the best PHP
friends I have, and have gotten no leads. Any hints from you guys would
do wonders for my morale.

You can see the full code here

thank you, thank you, thank you  


Re: T_STRING error with pack function

mb2812@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It's nothing to do with the specific function - a parse error means
that your basic PHP syntax is incorrect.  Check your opening/closing
brackets and comma separators on that line...


Re: T_STRING error with pack function

Right; I'd been poring over it trying to figure out where the error
was. I found another copy of the code, and it's working now. I don't
see any difference; maybe I had invisible characters in there or

thanks for reading

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