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until i started using the techniques for avoiding sql injection, i
have been using a normal insert and select sql query which worked

i have a registration page where a user enters their username and if
this already exists i display a message by executing a select query
and if the username does not exist then i run an insert query.

after adopting the technique to avoid sql injection

$username = stripslashes($_POST["username"]);
$email =    stripslashes($_POST["email"]);

$username = $_POST["username"];
$email =    $_POST["email"];
previously my select and insert query were

INSERT INTO individuals(username, email) values('$username', '$email')
Select username from individuals where username = '$username'

presently the insert query is

$insertquery = sprintf("INSERT INTO individuals (username, email)
VALUES ('%s', '%s')",

This insert query is working however the select query is not doing its
task as before of checking if the username already exists or not, even
if i register with the same username again it does not alert that the
username exists.

the select query is

$selectqueryusername = sprintf("Select username from individuals where
username='%s'", mysql_real_escape_string($username));

should i change the syntax of the above select query or is there
something else in need to do to fix the select query.

also for insert query if i have a numeric value i should be writting
%d correct, i have a numeric value however before inserting that
numeric value i am appending a character "-" to combine area code and
phone number example 09-123 4567 so i am considering this as %s as
there is a character. is this correct.

please advice.


Re: syntax of sprintf


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What does "not doing its task" mean? Do you get any error messages? Do
you have any error checking at all? Does MySQL complain about something?

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Looks OK.

The posted code is not enough to say where the problem might be.

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Correct, if it's an integer.

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Correct. This is not a number anymore, but a string.


Re: syntax of sprintf

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Agreed - the posted code should do what is intended - the bug lies


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