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I keep getting a syntax errorr with this code and having problems
figuring out the problem.

SELECT pageid, title,,,,
            FROM page
            LEFT JOIN(section, category, subcat, division, subdiv)
            ON (section.section id = page.sectionid AND
                category.categoryid = page.categoryid AND
                subcat.subcatid = page.subcatid AND
                division.divisionid = page.divisionid AND
                subdiv.subdivid = page.subdivid)
                            WHERE authorid=$seq

The errorr occurrs when I attempt to join the tables after the 'ON'
Thanks for any help

Re: Syntax errorr

ON (section.section id
I think must be as:
ON (section.sectionid

Re: Syntax errorr

Nancy wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You might have more luck asking about SQL problems on an SQL group  
rather than a PHP one.

But, to have a go - the answer depends on which version of which SQL you  
are using.

Because, for example,
LEFT JOIN (table, table, ... )
is not supported in MySQL before V5.0, nor (if I read the documentation  
correctly) in any version of PostgresQL.


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