Synchronization in PHP ??

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Does exist any form of synchronization in PHP??
Namely locks, mutexes, semaphores, monitors, etc...

Thanks in advance.

Re: Synchronization in PHP ??

PHP has an interface to SysV semaphores:

flock is also available for file-based inter-process synchronization.

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Re: Synchronization in PHP ??

petersprc wrote:
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and if interfacing to Mysql, there are lock facilities in that.

Re: Synchronization in PHP ??

Hermann wrote:
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What kind of synchronization are you trying to do?

In general, PHP scripts don't talk to each other like they can in other
languages.  There is a limited interface, but it's system dependent.  So
there are some things you *can* do in PHP, but PHP may not necessarily
be the *best* language to do them in.

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Re: Synchronization in PHP ??

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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If you have some heavy realtime interactive-across-many-web-interfaces
type problem, the better answer is to use php to do the user interface
parts, and have some core daemon written in 'C" or suchlike handling all
the interactivity bits.

And write a PHP extesnion to access it.

Re: Synchronization in PHP ??

Alright guys. Perfectly clear. Thank you all by your replies.

I just need to do an atomic test-and-set in a MyISAM table (a global
shared variable for the whole website).
But I think it would be better if I use a shared variable. Those that
are provided by php caching packages.
Actually, I read that eAccelerator has a lock function in its API, so
that would be perfect.

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