SWITCH with a $_GET

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I have a url that ends with ?pid=sqlall. I am using the following to
try and get at the "sqlall". I have read many sites to no avail.

switch ($_GET['pid']) {
case 'sqlall':
$page->assign('pagetitle', 'All Users');
$page->assign('tableheader', 'All Users');
$page->assign('sqlfile', 'sql_all.php');
case 'sqlprof':
$page->assign('pagetitle', 'All Users');
$page->assign('tableheader', '» All User Profiles');
$page->assign('sqlfile', 'sql_prof.php');

if the url is http://localhost/main.php?pid=sqlall or ?pid=sqlprof then
I want to case to assign. This is in conjuction with Smarty.
Any suggestion would be helpful.


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