SWFShape::drawArc confusion

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Can anyone tell me what 'degrees' this method uses?

The docs say

void SWFShape::drawArc(float $r, float $startAngle, float $endAngle)

I am trying to draw an arc at a radius of 1100, and 0.0 to 90.0 gives me  
a tiny dot.  To get an arc that is 1/4 of a circle (90 degrees) I have  
to tell it something like 1100, 0, 5000 - i.e. there are 20,000  
'degrees' around the circle....

I can't come up with some reasonable combination of numbers that would  
make that work out....


Re: SWFShape::drawArc confusion

CptDondo wrote:
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If the parameter were specified in minutes (1/60th of a degree) then it  
would make sense - there are 21,600 minutes in a full circle.  Try  
converting your angle to minutes (*= 60) and see if that makes things  
work out a little better.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about SWFShape.  Never used it or heard about  
it before.


Re: SWFShape::drawArc confusion

Jeremy wrote:
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I bet you're right... I kept trying to play around with radians, but I  
like your theory much better....


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