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i try to connect from php to a https-site, but have got problems with
the certificate. actually i want my php-script to accept all
certificates. how can i do that? or how can i tell my php-script to
trust a certain certificate?

i'v found the following interesting documentation about a list of
supported socket transports:

what do the options "verify_peer", "allow_self_signed" and "cafile"

do these options just work together with the socket-methods of php or
do they work also with the php soapClient?

thanks for any help

Re: Supported Socket Transports

Greetings, raol.
In reply to Your message dated Tuesday, March 4, 2008, 16:33:18,

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verify_peer tells engine to verify peer's certificate against local CA
If You want to trust anyone and using HTTPS just to protect traffic against
sniffers, You may set it to "No".
cafile - path to Your CA (Certificate Authority) certificates database.
Required to use trusted encription.
allow_self_signed - when using trust-checking, allow usage of self-signed
certificates (similar to disabling verify_peer in effect, but actually ising
trust checks)

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Depends on where You saw these settings.
Both PHP itself and cURL extension have them.


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