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I noticed that my brokerage house as well as gmail present different (i.e.  
simpler, more compact) interfaces when I surf them with my handheld (a  
Blackberry) versus a desktop or laptop computer.  How is that done?  I've  
got to assume something in the HTTP headers lets the server software know?


Re: Support of Handheld Web Browsers

David T. Ashley wrote:
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Read up on WML.

Also look up .


Re: Support of Handheld Web Browsers

download user agent switcher addon for firefox, fire it up and import
    description="pocket pc mobile 2003"
    useragent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows CE; PPC;
    platform="windows mobile edition 2003 sp2"

shove in that as an entry, (I think you can save as a file ad import if
you cant be bothered to type)

when accessing

their hacked version of apache (GFE/1.3) just checks the user-agent
header and redirects to

from there on, you will be looking at a simple version and whatever you
click will be passed through a filter as long as you keep pda in the
This way the rewrite condition based on user-agent header is done once
- I should imagine there is a long list and it would be ineffecient to
do it for each request once on /pda/... you can verfiy this by
returning your user-agent header back to firefox default and pressing
refresh, you will remain on the simple version, however navigating to will return you to the complex browser oriented

you can a long list of user-agents from the url given by the previous
respondant, if you are willing to use a little xslt on the 4.1MB

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