SunONE 6.1 / PHP 4.3.8 / Solaris 8 -> _db_return_ errors in log files

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we have a server which has lots of errors of this type:

[09/Nov/2004:15:19:21] info (25982): CORE3261: Crash occurred in NSAPI SAF
[09/Nov/2004:15:19:21] info (25982): CORE3262: Crash occurred in function
_db_return_ from module /sunone/bin/
[09/Nov/2004:15:19:21] failure ( 1091): CORE3107: Child process closed admin

We are running SunONE 6.1 (formely iPlanet) on a Solaris 8 server with PHP
4.3.8 (but this problem was appearing from 4.3.3). We can't seem to find a
pattern to make these lines appear in the logs...

Someone knows something about this?



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