Suggestions for creating thumbs after upload

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On image upload, I would like to save the image and also auto-create a  
right-size image for faster browsing, and also a thumbnail for indexes, so  
that slower connections do not have to wait for the larger image, and I can  
store preferences for each user as to what sizes they prefer to wait for.

Are there PHP code/tools to do this?  Would sure appreciate a pointer in the  
right direction.


~ Duane Phillips.  

Re: Suggestions for creating thumbs after upload

phpThumb can do this:

It can cache requests, so you could have the thumbnails be generated

An article on creating thumbnails with gd:

Duane Phillips wrote:
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Re: Suggestions for creating thumbs after upload

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Here is a little function I put together after getting tips from this group:

function thumbnail($img, $w_d, $h_d) {
 // $img is the image
 // $w_d is the desired width in pixels
 // $h_d is the desired height in pixels
 // function to get the width and height to display q thumbnail
 // Pass in the image location, the deisred width and the desired height
 // Ouput is an array of height and width to display that can be
 // exploded with the list command
  list($w, $h, $type, $attr) = getimagesize($img);
  $calc_width = $h_d * $w / $h;
  $calc_height = $w_d * $h / $w;
  if ($calc_width <= $w_d) {
      $disp_width = $calc_width;
      $disp_height = $h_d;
  } else {
      $disp_width = $w_d;
      $disp_height = $calc_height;
  return array($disp_width, $disp_height);

     // Testing with a picture of coda, width of
 list($disp_width, $disp_height) =  
thumbnail("the_picture_location_and_name", the_max_height, the_max_width);
    // The picture dimensions,  $disp_width and $disp_height, are put in  
with php brackets in the html declaration

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