Suggestions for a good Object Relational Mapper for PHP 5

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I have to develop a web based information system for an educational
institution. It is going to be a 100% OO code. Therefore I also need an
Object Relational Mapper. I have not used any object relational mapper
so far, apart from some home grown classes that implement simple Row to
Object mappings. Now these classes are becomming difficult to maintain
(I created them a year or so ago).

So, I decided to switch to some properly maintained open source ORM. I
tried to Google for a good Object Relational Mapper for PHP5, but sheer
number left me confused (see ).

So, can you cool guys browse through your experiences and suggest me an
ORM that is fairly feature full and simple to learn and use. I do not
need anything that very big. May be something that implements Active
Record pattern and supports transactions etc. Something like
PEAR::DB/ADOdb with Active Record support will be cool.

Thank You in advance
Mir Nazim
Xen Softare Labs Inc.

Re: Suggestions for a good Object Relational Mapper for PHP 5 wrote:
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Please help me. Otherwise I will have to use more than one ORM and then
decide whether to use one of the existing ORM or write my own. That
will be a lot of re-invention when so many people would have already
solved this problem. After all Open Source is about sharing not only
the code but also experiences.

PS: I do not mean to sound like demending. I respect you all. I am just
confused about what ORM to to use!!!

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