subversio as CVS - anything with Gui?

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Hi there,

I earlier asked if there is any good open source software version control  
systems out there that I could use for my PHP project. I was recommended  
Subversion, but having spent an hour looking at it, while it looks great, I  
want something that has a GUI.

So maybe I'll have to pay for something, but if it has an intuitive  
interface and mean that I and others who I work with do not have to learn a  
whole lot of new commands and can get going quite quickly then great.

All we want to be able to do is store different versions of code, know who  
made changes and be able to roll back to old versions etc. Therefore the  
basic requirements of a code control system. What we do not want to have to  
do is learn a new language or spend a lot of time getting to know how it  

So is there something like this. Someone, in the NG said SourceSafe corrupts  
software? This is enough to put anyone off but is it true. We could PHP in a  
Windows environment (even though the PHP runs on Linux boxes).

We actually even code in dreamweaver when the HTML and PHP is mixed.

So can anyone recommend software for GUI loving PHP / MySQL developers.



Re: subversio as CVS - anything with Gui?


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 Does TortoiseSVN not go far enough for your requirements?

 Windows only, though. The Subversion repository itself doesnt doesn't have be
on Windows however; TortoiseSVN is a Subversion client connected to a Windows
shell extension.

 Also Trac has a good web-based Subversion repository browser; read-only, but
maybe it fills some gaps? (You don't have to use the rest of Trac)

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Re: subversio as CVS - anything with Gui?

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Hmmm, This looks like it could be the answer! So basically it gives me all  
the benefits of Subversion, but has a user interface laid over it, that  
would mean people who know Subversion could happily use it, people who just  
want to get code in and out quickly, can use Tortoise which hopefully is  
intuitive and stable.

Look forward to investigating but any more comments are welcome.

Re: subversio as CVS - anything with Gui?

An noise sounding like Dave Smithz said:
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You can get gui's to subversion. tortoise svn for one. Or if you are using
eclipse as your editor, which I highly recommend, you can get a php plugin,
and a subversion plugin called subclipse which intergrates subversion into the


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