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Thanks for the tips Pedro, i have a slightly off-topic question

i understand what you mean about the newsreader,
i usually use the browser. I want to use a nesreader,
but i found this in google groups-faq:

"Can I use a newsreader (e.g., Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger) to
access Google Groups?
No. Google Groups provides web based access to Usenet. You cannot use
a regular newsreader to access our service. You can, however, access
Google Groups from any web browser."

So what is your suggestion??


Re: Stupid Query-thinking?

knoak wrote:

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Google Groups is just the old 'deja-news', a collection of all articles
posted in all (mojor?) newsgroups.

Just use a newsreader to read and post in a newsgroup, as this one.

Use google groups to search for answers asked in the past.

You can just keep using your Outlook Express newsreader or Netscape
messenger. Just use googlegroups to search in the archives.

It works like this:
- Many servers on the internet relay postings to newsgroups.
- These servers will not keep all postings around. For example: postings
older than 2 months are not relayed anymore. (Just so the servers don't get
- google groups will relay all the old postings.

I have a few tips for you:

Tip 1: The question you have is not unique most of the time, many others had
the same problem/question and posted that before.
If you pick smartly selected words, chances are that googlegroups will give
you a few relevant threads.
Always spend a few minutes browsing through googlegroups, trying a different
set of words if you don't have succes immediately.
If you cannot find an answer to your question, just post it to a relevant
newsgroup, and see what happens.

Tip 2: Be sure you search in the newsgroup for a posting called something
like: 'FAQ for comp.lang.php'
It contains MANY usefull tips on important and helpfull issues.
For example: It will point you to websites with many Ferquently Asked
It will point you to websites with tips on how to post in newsgroups.
etc. etc.

Tip 3: It often helps if you tell people that you searched googlegroups but
didn't find a clear answer. You show that you are not lazy and tried
yourself. (Always keep in mind that people who answer questions in
newsgroups have limmitted time on their hands, having their own jobs and
such. Never take for granted you 'deserve' an answer.)

Good luck!

Erwin Moller

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