Stupid Americans! -- Stupid... Stupid... STUPID!!! __________-+__ xocme

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You blithering idiots! You re-elected that imbecile George Bush as your
Heís a complete moron and so are most of you!
Donít you care what the rest of the world thinks of you? Donít you care what
American foreign policy has on the rest of the planet?  Does Iraq look like a
to anyone?  Doesnít it bother you that heís alienated every friend you have?
What were you thinking???
Prior to this, it was American policy and the American government that was so
hated around the world. Now it's going to be 'Americans' we hate.  More sympathy
for Bin Laden... More attacks on American institutions...  More isolation.   How
can you dumb rednecks in middle-America be, not to see this?  
If you get hit again, or your economy goes into a deep depression, the American
people will be getting exactly what they deserve!
<back turned>
[Ignore what follows]
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