Stumped with select function

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I have a function that creates a select list:

function make_select_ns($name,$array,$persist){
    $string = "<select name=\"$name\">";
    $string .="<option selected>" . ucfirst($name) . "</option>\n";
    if ($name == $array[0]) //removes duplicate when
table name equals 1st item in array
        foreach ($array AS $value) {
            if (($value == $persist)  && is_string($persist)){$selected =
            else {$selected = "";}
            $string .= "<option $selected value='" .
str_pad($value,2,"0",STR_PAD_LEFT) . "'>$value</option>\n";
    print $string;

I have arrays for Months, Days, Years, Hours, and Minutes.

All of the arrays work as expected except for the minutes array which
starts at 0 and goes to 55 in increments of 5.  Whenever this loads
after a post the value 0 is selected.  What am I missing here?  Why
does the zero seem to be causing me problems?

Let me know if you need more information.



Re: Stumped with select function

supline wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Alternative solution (with PEAR):

$f = new HTML_QuickForm('life_is_simple');

// assuming $array contains our selections and $selected is
// an array of selected values
$array = array_unique($array); // to remove duplicates
$my_select =& $f->addElement('select', 'my_name', 'Select me:', $array);
// or some othe way of displaying it

// end


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