strip tags with contents n times

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What is the best way to delete tags n times from either the beginning or the  
end of a String? For example, to delete "someString1" and "someString2"  
along with surrounding <someTag>'s with n=2 and processing direction is from  


I was thinking about use preg_replace() to replace "/</tag><tag/" with ""  
but wasn't sure how, especially about the n times and direction of  
processing. Any suggestion? Is using prreg_replace() the best way to  
accomplish this task? Thanks.  

Re: strip tags with contents n times

Hm, you mean like
preg_replace("'\<[^\>]*\>[^\<]*\<\/[^\>]*\>'si", "", $someBigString, $n);

Alternatively, if you'd like to limit the Tag to a specific one you  
could also do
preg_replace("'\<someTag\>[^\<]*\<\/someTag\>'si", "", $someBigString, $n);

Or did I misunderstand you here...

Peter Parker schrieb:
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Re: strip tags with contents n times

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Peter Parker wrote:
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If you're dealing with valid XML, it may be a good idea to parse it
using one of PHP's XML extensions, do the manipulations you want with
DOM/SimpleXML API, and then serialize it back to XML.

preg_replace will only work from the front, although you can use the
$limit parameter to get the "n times" functionality.

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