Stricter Type Checking

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Don't have time to look this up, could somebody please help me with
the following:

My development machine has php 5.2.0 installed (as per default SUSE
10.2 distro) and the live machine php 5.2.2

The live machine fails/gives notices on errors like:

1) Class variables. i.e. private $venue_id_ declared but $venue_ used
by accident (the local machine just makes use of this 'new' variable
without complaining). This stronger type checking on the live machine
is of course a good thing and I can trace my errors step by step but
would rather do this on the development machine. How do I turn this
on ?

2) (If not the same issue). The live machine failes on tests like: "if
($action) " if $action is not set. The correct solution is if
(isset($action)) but once again my development computer gives no
problems while the live computer fails and tracing this hard on the
slow to access live machine.

Thanks in advance !
Etienne Marais

Re: Stricter Type Checking

Etienne Marais wrote:
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In your php.ini file on your development machine, you should have:


In your production machine you should have


And if you want to log errors:


If you don't want notices on your production machine, set

error_reporting=E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT

This is all pretty well documented in your php.ini file.

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