Strange SOAP error

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I have a program that calls a web service using the PEAR SOAP
extension. The problem is that on one machine it works and on another
it doesn't. The actual part of the conversation that specifies the
method to call and the parameters looks like this in the case where it


And in the case where it doesn't work like this:

<sid xsi:type="xsd:string">xxx</sid>

The webservice fails and gives a message:

Error deserializing arguments.
Unrecognized element sid - expected sid@

Which kind of makes sense since there is no ns5 namespace on the
parameter. But why isn't there?

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

-- Mikael

Re: Strange SOAP error

Hey, I'm facing the same problem here. A few minutes ago I read that it
can depend on the java version you are using. With java 1.4.2 it should
work, but not with version 1.5.  
But I'm working here with version 1.3.2. And I think I'm going to change
this, because this error is turning me mad!

Do you think it's possible?


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