Strange problem for some users

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I am activating a form from the following page

The user chooses an option from a drop down menu of 1-10 and the next
page writes form code with php. If the user chooses 7 he is given an
initial set of form code and seven further sets of form fields and a
text area. (and so on).

It has been working well for several months. As far as I can gather
most people are able to use the function, but some users have reported
an error. The error results in the right hand border being shifted
accross an area of null display. These users can not continue as they
are unable to enter the data on the form. The error occurs on all
values. (1-10)

I thought these people might have older browser versions or high
security. Now I have seen the problem from a friends pc. My friend has
the latest Windows XP, updates and is using std security settings on
MSIE. I do not know what to change as it works for most users.

If anyone can test this and recreate the error page and a working page
by changing settings and advise me where I am going wrong I will be
very grateful.

Garry Jones

Re: Strange problem for some users

GarryJones contained the following:

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The first step is to give your page a doctype  end a character set
declaration and then run it through a validator.

It's pointless trying to suggest fixing errors if you can't check your
code for validity.
Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
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