Strange problem about sessions and frames

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I have an application, that does a redirect inside a frame, after setting
a sessionvariable, like this:

content of :

    $SESSVAR = "login1" ;      
    $location = " ";
<frameset rows="*" frameborder="NO" border="0" >
    <frame src="<?php echo $location ?>" APPLICATION="yes">

This works, when I access the page directly. However, we have another
server, that does a redirect onto this page, also inside a frame (just
the same code with this page as target). Called
from there, SESSVAR is not set. In this case it only works without
framesets or with SID.

Does anybody know, why?

Changing everything to SID right now would not be a solution for us.



Re: Strange problem about sessions and frames

session variables are not passed trough different servers & domains

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