Strange MIME problem with AddHandler

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Hi all,

I'm using Apache with php, and attempting to have an HTML file parsed
as php. It's a legacy page with a high PageRank, and the client wants
it kept around.

I did the "standard" thing ... created a .htaccess file with the line:

  AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html

This does have an effect, so I know the htaccess file is found and
interpreted.  However, what I see happen with a page is:  The browser
opens the "don't know how to handle this type" dialog asking whether
the file should be saved, or an app started to handle it, etc.

This implies to me that the mime type *has* been changed, however, the
php parser is still not given a chance to interpret it.  Has anyone
seen this before?  Thanks,


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