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I am getting mad. I use PHP5 (Xampp) on Win XP, get strange errors at
page begin, before the actual output. Google found sth like BOM chars.
But my strange chars are others than mentioned (e.g a melody note from
music transcipt), and I found, by commenting out, that the chars
appear when I do a "new" command

$var = new MyClass;

In the constructor I do *nothing*. After the new (which does nothing),
I exit the script, char remains. Note that I did no echo or other
printing at all. No output buffering, nothing.

Other chars (one looks like T) may be produced at other points in
script. I think it is some general problem.

Before eventually posting more details (which?), I want to ask if you
generally know this problem/ and solutions.

* What is going on here?
* How can I get rid of it??

Thx so much for any hint!!


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Re: Strange chars at page begin

Daniel Breitner wrote:
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The BOM characters are before the <?php tag, so they are handled as text
and output.

Get rid of the BOM characters - either by changing your editor settings
or changing editors.

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Re: Strange chars at page begin

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Daniel Breitner wrote:
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in addition what Jerry Stuckle, said, keep in mind to safe your files in utf-8
Also make sure the editor you use at the windows platform supports this.
If you write code on a latest GNU/Linux system and then edit those files in
windows, it can happen that the windows editor will break thise files.


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