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1 - I have the addition/deletion of search fields in the record type
admin completed.

2 - I have Search.class.php mostly done.

3 - I displayList.php is mostly done as well.

In place:
1 - The displayList page allows you to change the record type and the form.
2 - The search criteria come up and provide the three options.  If this
is a user added search field, rather than an admin one, then a checkbox
comes up to delete this field from the search list.  This list will be
held in a session variable.
3 - The query for the retrieval of the records is done.  I have tested
in on a simple database, but not here.  I will test it once the display
is done.
4 - Executing the query leaves previously entered values in place.

To do (when I come back):
1 - Put up the display of the results.
2 - Add code for adding a search field by the user and for deleting that
3 - Connect this page to the formTemplate to display the record in the form.

I would say that I am about 75-80% of the way there.

I have committed what I have so far.

Re: Status

On 13 Sep, 19:11, sheldonlg <sheldonlg> wrote:
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Why have you told us this?

Re: Status

Captain Paralytic wrote:

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I was sent here in error.  It was supposed to be email giving a status
as I was going on vacation.  I immediately caught it and "canceled the
message".  Apparantly, it was too late.  Sorry.

Re: Status

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed sheldonlg <sheldonlg> writing in

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One of the pitfalls of not using a separate news client.

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