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My ISP is using webalyser 2.01 to show statistics on my site.

As this may be sufficient for many webmasters, It doesn't fit my needs, as
it doesn't have enough informations.

I'm downloading the logs every day on my computer in order to analyse the
logs with an other program.

Wich one would you suggest. My needs are:

how many different people come on my site every day (already done by
but also how many per month (if I've 1000 new visitors a day, how many are
new from yesterday ?)
and how many in total. So the analyser should look at all logs every day and
store the entire log information in a database.

I don't care to only know I've 1000 new visitors every day but how many are
new from yesterday, and from the day before ??? I know the ISP provide DHCP,
so even if I've 50 new on my server every day, most have a new IP and aren't
really new users. But this gives me a better view of the real amound of real
number of new users.

Also, webalyser doesn't show enough informations on linking page to my site.
Most of the time, when clicking on linking pages, I get the main page only,
not the complete address. As I've seen that some of my competitors have a
link to my site, I'd like to know from where they are coming from (any
internal information, or a link from any page). I must know what they are
telling about my site or know what they are looking for.

It's possible also to know how many time any visitor have been on the site,
how many pages did he see, etc. In order to know the general process of
using my site. I don't sell anything myself, I do provide a platform for
users for selling their things. I'd like to know if users visits my site, if
they come on my site then leave immediately, if they really look for
informations, where they go....

I know I may track the users for the entire site, but I'd like to know from
logs. They may have all informations, but I lack of a program to analyse
them successfully. (and also I won't charge my ISP's database with such
informations, they are already in the logs)

My platform: XP, apache, PHP4, mysql, perl.

Thanks all for help !

Re: stats analyser

Bob Bedford wrote:

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afaik webalyzer also gives unique visitors a month.

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Sounds like you want a custom solution. I wrote my own analyzer, the
advantage is I can get from it what I want and how I want it.

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Re: stats analyser

Bob Bedford wrote:

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Server statistics, not reader statistics. /

'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and
statistics.' -- Benjamin Disraeli


Re: stats analyser

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While it is not only an analyzer but also stats gatherer, you can try

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