Statically linking PHP5 to apache2 ?

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I have successfully linked php statically to Apache 1.3.xx (on SuSE9.2)

I used the --with-apache option which gave me a directory under the
apache install tree where the includable files sit.

I just can't figure out how to do the same with Apache2. As a shared
module it is working fine, but I'd like to link it statically anyway.
Tried --with-apache2 (not listed in ./configure --help but available)
but this builds a CGI, and I don't want that. has nothing on it afaik. Anyone who has done this succesfully
and/or knows how to ?


PS I am sorry if you read a similar message in alt.apache.configuration,
I don't usually multipost, just forgot about this ng and somehow my
Thunderbird won't allow crossposting now(WEIRD???)

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