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G'day everyone

I'm looking for a simple photo gallery script in PHP (or Perl), but not
too simple.  I have tried several photo gallery scripts in either
language and I have found that they are either too complex or too
simple for my purpose.  Most photo gallery scripts are intended
primarily for sharing new photos continuously and allowing visitors to
comment on them.  I want something more static, which allows more text

Let me explain:  I run the photo gallery of the members of a club or
society (a mailing list actually, but it operates in many respects
similar to a club).  The photos won't change often (if ever), and
members don't need to manage their own "galleries" or pages.  Each
member's page will contain a sizeable bio section (a bunch of text,
with hyperlinks etc) and some thumbnailed photos, optionally with
captions under the photos.  No voting, no e-carding, no commenting, no
blogging, no everyday updating, no fancy features.  Do you know of such
a script?

I was thinking of a simple two column approach, in which the left
column contains text and the right column contains a single columns of
thumbnailed photos, and each photo has an optional caption underneath
it (of unlimited length).  Clicking the photo opens a bigger version
(if the bigger version is indeed bigger than the thumbnail... which
isn't always the case).

The front page of the gallery should contain links to each members'
gallery... either showing only the names of the members, or showing
their names plus a tiny thumbnail... it doesn't really matter.  What I
want to avoid is creating the impression on the front page that the
site is a public photo gallery type of site with the usual complex
features mentioned above.

The alternative for me is to do it manually... which is how the
previous guy did it.

Most of the simpler scripts I have found, are really just automated
thumbnail galleries, with no support for large text blocks or comments
of unlimited length.  The more complex ones (such as Gallery or
Coppermine) seem geared towards the voting and commenting and
frequently-uploading crowd, and I haven't had success in customising
them to my ideal two-column approach mentioned above.

Perhaps what I'm looking for, is a photoblogger without the blogger :-)

I guess it would also be nice if I could edit the content of the pages
in a simple text editor and simply upload the thing, which will effect
the content changes on all the pages.

Does anyone know of such a script?

Thanks in advance
Samuel Murray (aka voetleuce, leuce, throw)

Re: Static photoblogger or photo gallery script wanted

Try zenphoto

or mine at

weichen At tunl dot duke dot edu

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