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Hello friends of php,

PhP-Version is 4 on a FreeBSD-System using apache.

Got a problem using ssh2.sftp.

Installed correctly (libssh2,

Connecting with publickey works, sftp subsystem-connect works too:

         $sshconn= ssh2_connect ('myhostname',22);

         $result = ssh2_auth_pubkey_file ($sshconn, 'user',  
'include/.ssh/', 'include/.ssh/id_rsa' );

         $sftp = ssh2_sftp($sshconn);

sftp-subsystem itself is working, the following works too:

    ssh2_sftp_mkdir($sftp, '/home/meee/NEWDIR1');

but if I start using the ssh2.sftp-things is wont get any further:


in szenario  I get a

Warning: mkdir(ssh2.sftp:///home/meee/NEWDIR2): No such file or  
directory in.

Also fopen will not work and wont produce an error.

Has anyone working this?

I also tried any combinations of

fopen ("ssh2.sftp://$sftp/home/meee/testfile",'rb');

with $sftp:22  , user:pass@hostname:22 and these things.

Will it work with php5? I have no Testsystem for this
at the moment and dont want to install one if there is
no hope.

Thanks in advance


Bernhard Guenther, Bonn, Germany

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