ssh2_exec() with Cygwin on Win2003

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I'm having troubles with ssh2_exec() agains SSH on Windows 2003.

I can connect from Linux/Apache2/Php5 to a Cygwin SSH service running
on  Windows 2003 server.
(Actually, tested with the same Cygwin configuration on multiple
Windows 2003 servers)

Each first time that I use ssh2_exec() it works fine. I can read from
the resulting stream.
When calling ssh2_exec() a second time or more on the same connection,
it fails without returning an error.
It produces also an empty stream output (nothing on stdout and nothing
on stderr).

When using ssh2_connect() and ssh2_auth_password() again to get a new
connection between each ssh2_exec() call the script works fine. But
this dirty trick isn't very resource friendly :(

When I test my instructions manually by using putty to connect to the
Windows 2003 servers, all works just fine.
When I test the same script against some Cygwin SSH services running on
Windows 2000 servers it also works fine.

Maybe someone has got an expierence with ssh2_exec() and an SSH service
running on  Windows 2003 ?
Or a clue?

Thanx for you time,


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