Squirrelmail/PHP with Xitami

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Hi all,

I try to set up an email web-server with an IMAP interface. For the web
interface I use Squirrelmail. PHP is installed. The web server is Xitami.
PHP runs well, but Squirrelmail doesn't. The redirection in PHP under Xitami
does not work. I followed some hints and tips, but it didn't work out for
Is there anybody who has experience with this setup and may be willing to
help me out?

OS = NT4 sp6
Xitami webserver v2.4d9
PHP 4.2.3
Squirrelmail 1.4.3a

Thanks in advance,

Best regards, Fokke Nauta

Re: Squirrelmail/PHP with Xitami

Fokke - It has been ages since I used Xitami but let me try.

If you have configured Xitami to use Squirrelmail in a Virtual Host
setting, Xitami does not re-direct very well. Xitami tries to use the
base host declaration and takes the web root relative to the base host
instead of the virtual host's (this is how it was when I used, 2.4d6 I
believe). So redirects like header("Location: ../login.php") will try
to redirect to login.php under the base server's webroot.

Have you tried your question on the Xitami list? People on that list
are very helpful and many of the users ask questions involving the
PHP/Xitami combo. If you plan to use Xitami as your main server and
have not already subscribed, I would suggest that you join that mailing


Re: Squirrelmail/PHP with Xitami

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Aha. That's goot to know, because it was my intention to use virtual hosts
indeed, after everything was configured well. So I will not do that, knowing
But right now I am not using virtual hosts.

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That is a very good idea. I was not aware of a Xitami list, but I have
registered now. I will post my problem there.


With regards,


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