SQLite present, but class SQLiteDatabase not available

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I have quite strange problem. I compiled PHP with PDO (shared), SQLite
(shared), pdo_sqlite and pdo_mysql:


Compiling process was all OK.

 Then, I added following lines to php.ini:


(In that order). I restarted the webserver (Apache2).

Then, I issued a command: php -m, which told me that I have PDO and
SQLite extensions loaded without errors. I also checked it via
phpinfo() and all I found all the info about PDO/SQLite.

Procedural functions like sqlite_open ARE WORKING OK, but when I want
to use $db = new SQLiteDatabase, PHP says that SQLiteDatabase class is
not found! Why is that? I listed all predefined classes in my script
and SQLiteDatabase is not on the list.

I thought I installed everything properly, where is the problem?

Thanks for any help,


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