Spam on the increase?

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What is happening here.  It seems that there is about a 100-fold
increase in the spam messages appearing here compared to just a few
months ago.  Is there a way for the server(s) to filter out the span?
Does it depend on your newsgroup provided?  (I did switch to Giganews a
few months ago.  I was with earthlink before.).

Re: Spam on the increase?

sheldonlg schreef:
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Hi, stopped last week, a site that holded domainnames that sent a
lot of spam.
That was announced in 2006 or something.

That is the reason I see see an increase in spam, less filtering.
Maybe you (or your provider) used too?
If you used another spamfilteringsystem, I don't know.

Erwin Moller

Re: Spam on the increase?

Erwin Moller schreef:
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Discard my posting.
After I read Lars response, I realised you were talking about
newsgroups, as you clearly stated also. :P
That has nothing to do with afaik.

Erwin goes find a coffee.

Erwin Moller

Re: Spam on the increase? says...
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Try installing data minion - ( you can filter
almost anything with it and use it with all your apps - it works for me
anyway. Perhaps your ISP should use it as well as those (mostly useless)
hardware things they use.

I've come to the conclusion that spam is an end user issue not an ISP
one. Once I did that I sorted it to my own satisafction and I sleep much
better at night now ;-)

Relying on ISP's to do it for you seems more like religion that logic to
me. Especially now since ISP's are (IMO illegally) collating data of
everything you do on the net and selling it to marketing companies.

Hands up anyone who ever paid money for anti spyware software ?

Guess what ... you now pay your ISP to DO what you paid money to STOP in
the first place.

Re: Spam on the increase?

lovely and talented sheldonlg broadcast on comp.lang.php:

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Yes, there is a big increase.  Googlegroups makes absolutely no effort to
verify accounts before allowing unlimited posting to USENET, and apparently
never takes any action against Chinese spammers.  Perhaps that is part of
their deal with the Chinese government.

Google has not been exactly subtle in its attempts to convert the public
USENET into their proprietary Googlegroups.  Most USENET providers make some
effort to verify accounts before extending posting priviledges or to monitor
mass postings.  But Googlegroups makes establishing throw-away accounts easy
and hardly ever acts on complaints about spamming.  If you killfile
googlegroups, you will reduce spam to practically nothing.

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