Sorting authors using Movable Type doesn't work

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I'm having problems trying to sort a series of authors who post online using
Movable Type. I've tried posting my problem to the Movable Type support
group, but no one has even answered my question. So either it can't be done,
or no one cares to respond.

In any case, as some of you might know, Movable Type is a PHP developed site,
so I'm hoping that there might be an answer using stricly PHP and not MT's
tools. Below is my original question that I posted to MT's Support.

I'm using the MTBlogs tag to pull up all the authors on our main web page at
our institute. I'm trying to sort the authors by their most recent post, but
nothing changes sorting-wise. The only sorting that goes on is with the
author's personal posts, but not between authors. Also the order of the
authors seems completely random by Movable Type. So what I would like to see
is the last author to post be at the top of the list, followed by the author
who posted before right below and so on.
As you can see on this site: /
I have a MOST RECENT POSTS and WATSON BLOGGERS. I'm using the MTBlogs and

Many many thanks to anyone who might be able to answer this.


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