Sorting arrays by the first n characters

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Hey guys,
Is there any way to sort an array without any regard to the characters
after an n number of characters? What I wanted to do was save a file
with the name being the date("U"); and then have a short string
appended to the end of that. So a possible file name would be like,
123978402-asdf.txt, and I would want to sort an array full of names
like that by just the first whatever characters, in this case, 9.

Re: Sorting arrays by the first n characters

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Why? If you don't care about the last characters, why would you bother if
also that part got sortet correctly instead of in some arbitary order?

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To compare two complete strings the correct way you would probably use
strcmp. To only compare up to 9 characters you could instead use strncmp,
but again, why?

In most cases when comparing a lot of strings strncmp will probably be
slower than strcmp. What would the gain be to maybe get a little
randomness in the result instead of a total predictable result?

regards Henrik
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