Something strange introduced in 5.2.0

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If you have 5.2.0 installed, try this.  Create a file called  
"TestThing.class.php" in the document root of a host (say the host is

Now, if you go to the code in  
TestThing.class.php gets executed.  Some kind of URL rewriting is going  
on here on PHP's end?  I do not have mod_rewrite enabled on this server  
- it's installed, but "RewriteEngine On" is never issued.  I cannot find  
anything in apache2.conf or php.ini that would cause this to occur.

Is there some new thing in PHP5 that does this?  This does not happen on  
an identical web site (all code the same, same apache version) on a  
server running 5.1.2.  How would php even get *called* for that Request URI?


Re: Something strange introduced in 5.2.0

Jeremy wrote:
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OK, I figured it out.  My other server had the MultiViews option enabled  
in Apache.

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